Anti-Social Behaviour In Haydon Wick

[originally printed in the Swindon Advertiser ]

Groups of youths have been giving residents a headache with early-morning antics including shouting and running over parked cars.

Councillors and neighbourhood police in Haydon Wick say they have been made aware of the anti-social behaviour by homeowners in Cloudberry Road and  Speedwell Close.

The allegations include gangs of teenagers hanging out in the residential streets, sometimes until 5am, and being loud enough to wake residents in the quiet cul-de-sac.

It comes after youths also damaged a car in Cloudberry Road when at least two of them ran over its roof.

It happened just before 1am on August 26 when a group of four lads and two girls, all of whom were wearing hoodies, went through the area. Trainer footprints have been found on the roof of the car,  one of which appears to be a Fila branded shoe.

Councillor Emma Faramarzi said the problems have coincided with Environment Agency work on flood defences at the green space off Westfield  Way.

She said: “The site has been cordoned off while they carry out the work and it’s pushed the youths who usually hang around there late at night elsewhere.

“Residents have complained that they have been noisy and destructive and some times are out there until 5am.

“It’s the old thing of not wanting to speak out in case of repercussions, though.

“I would be mortified if my child was out at that time in the morning causing trouble. You have to wonder whether the parents know what they are up to.

“The area is quite quiet and perhaps not the normal area for police to patrol but we have a good relationship and they are aware of the issues.

“Anyone with any problems should contact them or come to the next locality meeting to voice their concerns.”

The next North Swindon locality meeting will take place on Monday at 7pm in the North Swindon library, which is at the Orbital Shopping Park.

Anyone in the Cloudberry Road or Speedwell Close area who has any issues is also asked to call North Swindon police on 101.

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