Sad Death Of Cllr Doreen Dart

Cllr Doreen Dart, who for many years has been the Borough Councillor in our neighbouring ward of Blunsdon, sadly died at the weekend.  She will be greatly missed.

The Mayor, Councillor Mick Bray, has written the following tribute:

“I first met Doreen when she was  Mayor of Swindon in 1993 /1994. I was Front of House Manger for the Swindon  Choral Society at that time and she was a regular attendee at  the  Concerts. Even in those days she always struck me as lady to be reckoned with.  Tall, upright even to the time of her death always immaculately turned out even  in jeans she made the first impression, with her expressive features, of being a  headmistress of a girl’s public school.

When I was elected to the Council in 2006 she was the first to  congratulate me with the offer of her help at any time. She turned out to be a  first class mentor giving me excellent advise especially the values of being a  good listener rather than just a good talker. We stood on many committees  together  where we had good eye contact which from her could turn into a  good facial grimace. She was extremely enlightened when discussing Health , in  particular the role of carers, and education, again with a special interest in  Corporate Parenting.
She loved her Ward Blunsdon which for all but 2 years she served  for 30 years. She was not convinced of the necessity of this year’s Boundary  Change which saw Blunsdon joining Highworth.
Recently she  joined me when I have presided at   Citizenship Ceremonies when those people who have successfully applied to become  British Citizens do so by taking an oath or making an affirmation to the Queen.  I have introduced her to the assembled applicants and their guests and they were  pleased to talk to her over tea  afterwards. She loved the procedure as  much as she would have loved to have taken the seat in the municipal chair  again.
I will miss her as will her fellow Councillors and even more so the  people of Swindon for her tireless engagement in charity work. At 84 she was  still sitting on 17 committees and 5 outside bodies. A true volunteer.”

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