Tadpole Farm Agreement

The final agreement on the Tadpole Farm development has now been signed by developers Crest Nicholson and Swindon Borough Council.

In June, all members of the Planning Committee – Conservative and Labour – voted to grant planning permission
for the 1700 house development. However, your Conservative ward councillors won a three month delay to
achieve the best possible ‘Section 106’ agreement over the developer’s contribution to local facilities. During
this period, we held a public meeting, delivered hundred of leaflets and knocked on thousands of doors, and Cllr
Vera Tomlinson (St Andrews’ ward) led the way in our negotiations. By contrast, Labour put forward no ideas
whatsoever…and yet now they’re complaining about the outcome!

The agreement amounts to an £11 million pound package for the local community. The highlights are:

  • Primary School – £5m secured for a new primary school at Tadpole Farm which must be built before 565 houses are occupied.
  • Secondary School – £2.7m secured and ring-fenced for the Northern Sector – in the original agreement this money could have leaked almost anywhere in the Borough, but northern sector councillors have successfully argued for it to be ring-fenced locally.
  • Open Space – 180 acres of open space, including playing fields, a £30k nature park, allotments and play areas, and £167k secured to maintain this open space.
  • Leisure – £275k investment secured for local leisure facilities.
  • Health – land secured for a Tadpole Farm health centre and set aside for 10 years.
  • Roads – £212k for improvements to Thamesdown Drive; £60k for Oakhurst Way, paid before any traffic is to be sent down it; £10k to improve cycle paths in the Northern Sector; £237,500 for traffic calming on Tadpole Lane.
  • Public Transport – £750,000 for a regular local bus service.
  • Other – £184k for the Fire Service; £40k for local libraries; £275k for a community facility; £50k for public art.

In addition we’ve insisted that no more than 200 houses can be built on the whole development until Thames
Water has completed improvements to their infrastructure in summer 2015. Most importantly there are hefty
penalty charges built into the agreement if Crest fails to deliver what they have promised.

All three of us live in the local area and we have all invested into these communities. We would never seek to
destroy the place we call home, which is why we fought hard for the measures above. If you have any further
questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the website or on Facebook.

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