BT Infinity & Openreach

We have been contacted by residents in Priory Vale who are unable to get very good broadband speeds. Cllr Faramarzi has been in contact with BT Openreach and there are no plans by BT to upgrade the Haydon exchange to deliver BT Infinity. This means the vast majority of people in the Priory Vale ward will not be able to benefit from fibre broadband. Ward Councillors along with Justin Tomlinson MP have started to lobby BT to provide this service.

3 responses to “BT Infinity & Openreach

  1. Some time after many residents moved into Priory Vale, BT Openreach finally completed a new telephone exchange to serve the area. Many residents previosly connected via the existing Blunsdon exchange were migrated to the new Haydon Wick exchange (although its located in Haydon End!). There were many issues caused by the migration and in fact many phone numbers that were migrated to HW still show up on various on-line checkers as being connected to Blunsdon. Openreach’s decision not to upgrade the Haydon Wick exchange to deliver BT Infinity may therefore be based on incorrect data about the number of consumers connected to Haydon Wick. I suggest BT OR are challenged on this point as part of theses discussions.

  2. I agree, something needs to be done! We moved into Oakhurst in June 2007, coming from cabled West Swindon. Not only was our brand new development not cabled, but the Blunsdon exchange was fully subscribed so we had no phone or internet at all for 4 months until the Haydon Wick exchange opened! Now, despite being less than half-a-mile form the new exchange we get miserable internet speeds, due apparently to the contention ratio, i.e. there are two many people connected to an inadequate infrastructure. My son gets over 100Mb/sec on cable, I struggle to get 1/100th of that. Welcome to the 21st century!

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