Torun Way Bus Gate

The long awaited Bus Gate on Torun Way which runs from the junction at Casterbridge Road and runs to White Eagle road has now been delivered and is being enforced by the North Swindon Police Team.
When Haydon End was given planning permission the bus gate was a condition imposed to protect EXISTING residents adjacent to Westfield Way. This is often what happens with new developments, EXISTING residents will lobby to limit the impact on them (the same will apply for Tadpole Farm where Swindon Council will rightly work on measures to protect EXISTING residents, which the future Tadpole Farm residents might think strange).
The developers having secured planning permission for Haydon End soon realised they only had to build the bus gate by the time they completed the development. Some residents have told us that the house builders forgot  to mention the bus gate to potential house buyers which was handy as many people liked the idea of quickly getting to Westfield Way.
Once the bus gate was built there was then a further delay following a legal challenge which was defeated as it was in the original planning permission.
In short, as the Bus Gate was in the original planning permission, scrapping it would open up legal challenges by both the EXISTING residents, plus those who bought their houses on either side of it expecting a bus gate and will have paid a premium to not live on a busy main road.

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