Recycling Update from Emma

recycle-orange-bin-bottles-hiFollowing complaints from a number of residents about delays to collections and missed collections I have contacted our Cabinet Member responsible Cllr Foley who is always very helpful.

This was her response:

Dear Emma

Many thanks for your email and sincere apologies.

Yes, we have been experiencing problems with the recycling – though not refuse, so please let me have details of refuse problems! We have had a number of vehicle breakdowns, hence green waste wasn’t collected from the 31st December as stated on the website as vehicles were switched to collecting recycling.

We are currently around a day behind. I will ask officers to give you a more accurate update for Priory Vale. Please pass on my apologies to your residents for their disappointment in our service. In those areas where wheelie bin collections were due to take place on either Christmas Day or Boxing Day we did attach labels to the bin handles to ensure residents were aware of the changes to their day. This did seem to work effectively.

Richard Fisher and I have discussed this morning our thoughts for better communication. The stumbling block as always is cost and how you really get it noticed! We all get so much advertising through the door and I know I just throw it all in the recycling box. Any thoughts gratefully received.

Many thanks & kind regards


With this in mind I am proposing that Mr Fisher from SCS or one of his staff contact me when they know there is going to be delays so that I can update you all via these pages and our website

If any of you have any suggestions as to how the process might work more effectively please let me know.

Emma Faramarzi

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