How Will Swindon Develop? Have Your Say

This week marks the mid-point in the consultation period on Swindon’s new Local Plan – the blueprint for how the Borough might develop between now and 2026.

The Local Plan is one of the most important strategy documents issued by the Council.  It sets out details of where future residential and commercial developments might be built.

The nearest site to St Andrews which the plan identifies for possible development is the so-called ‘Kingsdown site’, roughly between the A419 and Broadbush.

However, just because a location is identified in the Local Plan as a potential development site, this does not mean it can automatically be built on.  All planning applications will still have to be individually submitted for approval.

Nevertheless, the ideas in the Local Plan will have an impact on everyone who lives in Swindon today, and thousands more who may move here in the years to come.

The consultation period started just before Christmas and runs until 21 February 2013.

You can view the Local Plan and take part in the consultation by following this link:

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