High Speed 2 Full Route Announced

This morning the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, and the Secretary of State for Transport, Patrick Mcloughlin, launched the full route of the new £32 billion High Speed 2 line from London to Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester & beyond.

Patrick Mcloughlin commented “Politicians often talk about ‘rebalancing the economy’ and it can sometimes seem like an abstract term. But this is rebalancing in action.”

As well as easing overcrowding on the existing network, HS2 will also dramatically reduce journey times – the journey time from Manchester to London will be slashed by an hour to 1 hour and 8 minutes; a Birmingham to Leeds journey time will be halved from 2 hours to 57 minutes, and travel time from London to Birmingham will be reduced to just 49 minutes.

George Osborne said that HS2 would be “the engine for growth in the North and the Midlands” able to provide jobs, wealth and opportunity in an abundance that will more than justify the investment to make it happen.

Councillor Toby Elliott welcomed the investment by the Government and said “We are seeing a revolution in Britain’s rail system with the biggest investment since the Victorian era. Electrification will be coming to the Great Western Mainline with new rolling stock and faster journey times; HS2 takes this to a new level. I will be continuing to push for new rail links across the West of England to connect communities and reduce congestion.”

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