Street Lighting in Winterbourne Road

Below is an email received regarding street lighting in Winterbourne Road and others nearby…

Dear Councillors & MP,

I write to confirm the situation with regards the street lighting on Winterbourne Road.


This road and part of White Eagle Road make up the Taylor Wimpey development H76/H77 on Priory Vale, which is not adopted and indeed does not have a signed Section 38 Adoption Agreement in place (I do however envisage we will adopt this road in the next 18 months or so). This of course means that maintenance of the roads  lies with Taylor Wimpey who are still the landowner.


Regarding the constituent’s complaint to our call centre on 7th December 2012, this was raised as a Lagan (No. 101000371434) and forwarded to the TDM team to action. Once details were received, I passed the information to Taylor Wimpey’s Adoption Manager, Peter Ward requesting him to carry out a repair.


I have this morning spoken to Peter who is disappointed (as am I) that this matter has not been closed out as he passed the fault to his electrical contractor (SEC) some time ago. I told him to speak to them and find out what happened, as well as telling him he must instruct a “bulk lamp change”, whereby all the bulbs on this development parcel are renewed to ensure they all work.


As confirmed to Cllr Heaton-Jones, I am due to meet with Peter Ward on the 14th of this month, to obtain from him Taylor Wimpey’s “Action Plan” for progressing adoption of all their sites in the Borough which I will forward on when available.


I hope this email confirms that we have taken Mrs Dancer’s lighting complaint seriously and that I am committed to getting the situation resolved.


If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kind regards


Dave Weston

S38 & Highway Agreement Technician

Transport Development Management

Highways & Transport

Delivery Services

Swindon Borough Council

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