Priory Vale Smell Update No.4

07sa02smellyI just wanted to give you an update on the odour issue being experienced in the Priory Vale ward and across North Swindon following recent actions by the Environmental Health Department of Swindon Borough Council.

Members of the EH team, and other EHO’s have been out to North Swindon a couple of times over recent days in response to complaints.

Last night Damon Green and another EHO responded to complaints around 2100 – 2300, and extensively surveyed the area to try to identify the source. Weather conditions were conducive, and the odour (described and experienced as an eggy, sulphourous type) was identified along a fairly distinct channel down through Oakhurst.

The wind was steadily from the NNW last night, and they were able to absolutely verify the source area as that to the North/NNW of Tadpole Lane, North from the junction of Oakhurst Way and Tadpole Lane. The odour was identified, with weakening strength along a distinct line from Tadpole Lane down as far as Akers Way in fact.
They have fed back the map plots and experiences of last night to the Environment Agency; who are apparently working very intensively with Hill’s at Chapel Farm. The Environment Agency are at Chapel Farm today, and have fed our observations into their work there.

I very much hope we are getting closer to resolving this issue for you.

You might not be aware that the Hill’s Chapel Farm site is regulated exclusively by the Environment Agency, and the Swindon EH team have no powers to act on that. We hope that by actively feeding in to the EA’s work there however; we may help speed the resolution. I must stress that the EA have not concluded that the odour does definitely originate from Chapel Farm as yet, but they are working on a theory around that site, and the data from last night certainly points in that compass direction.

Keep the complaints coming in as and when the smell starts to both Environmental Health and the Environment Agency.


Cllr Emma Faramarzi

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