About Us

In 2010, due to wards on Swindon Borough Council being of varying size, the Local Government Boundary Commission for England ordered a review of the make-up of the council. The review that came back suggested a reduction in councillors from 59 to 57 and new ward boundaries across the borough.

In the North of Swindon the old ‘Abbey Meads’ ward was split in two creating ‘St Andrews’ and ‘Priory Vale’; with all new wards to be contested in all-out elections on 3rd May 2012.

Here are the results from the elections:

Electorate: 8,618 Turnout: 23%

Stephen Mark Hale Adams ElectionsModule Party Logo Labour 466
Gary Belben ElectionsModule Party Logo UK Independence Party 308
Mark Anthony Edwards – Elected ElectionsModule Party Logo Conservative 1227
Toby Lewis Elliott – Elected ElectionsModule Party Logo Conservative 1161
Emma Louise Faramarzi – Elected ElectionsModule Party Logo Conservative 1109
Ray James ElectionsModule Party Logo Liberal Democrat 145
Patrick John Oliver Murphy ElectionsModule Party Logo Labour 464
Tara Siobain Page ElectionsModule Party Logo Labour 459
Swindon Borough Council is now made up of:
Conservatives – 29 councillors
Labour – 24 councillors
Liberal Democrats – 4 councillors

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