Cllr Emma Faramarzi

I am delighted to have been elected to represent you and Priory Vale on Swindon Borough Council.

I have lived in Swindon for over twenty years, was Schooled here and my three children are Swindon born and bred. I started my own IT Company in the town in 1998 and now contribute to the local economy by employing 26 staff. I was nominated and elected as Chairman of the Swindon Branch of the Federation of Small Businesses in 2007 and have lobbied for fairer treatment for small businesses in Swindon with some very positive outcomes. I am passionate about representing the views and opinions of small businesses and it has given me the necessary experience and skills to communicate with the local council for you the residents Priory Vale. Now that you have given me the opportunity I will work as hard for you and as passionately as I do for Business in the town.

As someone who has lived in many towns in the UK and the USA I am proud to have chosen Swindon as my home and I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to keeping Priory Vale a much sought after location to live.

I am pleased the Conservative administration of Swindon Borough Council has secured a second freeze in Council Tax; I will always campaign for fair and affordable Council tax.

For the 2013/2014 municipal year I will sit on the following committees:

  • Scrutiny Committee
  • Chairman – Economic, Environmental, Sustainability Overview & Scrutiny
  • Children & Young People Overview & Scrutiny Committee
  • North Locality
  • Swindon Fair Trade Coalition
  • Local Transport Plan & Local Transport Advisory Group
  • Equalities Advisory Forum
  • Housing Advisory Forum

To contact me:

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