Cllr Mark Edwards

I am a senior Swindon Councillor and was the Cabinet member for Finance and  delivered frozen council tax for the last two years.

I was first elected in 2006 have campaigned for many years within the communities of North Swindon; this included delivering the Tawny Owl pub – rather than the proposed flats that the developers wanted putting on the land.

I have worked for over 20 years for a major corporation, originally training as a scientist I worked in  research for over 10 years, before progressing through Marketing followed by a period of time working as a Technical Consultant in Istanbul.

I now work as part of a team of global purchasing professionals, ensuring that his organisation maximises its leverage and ensuring that spend is monitored, controlled and justified. I am also a member of the company Pensions Council.

I understand that the only way to serve a community is to always be available and listen to people’s concerns. I am realistic, I understand that it is not always possible to resolve every issue, every time, but with my extensive network of contacts inside and outside the council I will fight all the way to exhaust every possibility and move every issues forward.

To contact me:

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