Cllr Toby Elliott

I am 25 years old; born in Chiswick, West London; raised in Wiltshire and now living in Oakhurst. I have a wealth of business experience, including owning several small and medium sized companies.
I joined the Conservatives because they are the party of aspiration – the belief that it does not matter what background you come from, you can succeed if you work hard.
In Swindon the Conservatives have a clear vision – a good place to live, a successful place to work, a great place to bring up a family.
Conservatives have invested in Swindon, building new schools and starting the regeneration of the town centre. It is this regeneration, twinned with the reduced car parking charges that have helped so many SMEs in Swindon.

We’ve restored our playgrounds and open spaces; including a new playground in Pembroke Park coming along and the fabulous Mouldon Hill Country Park, right here on our doorstep.

For the 2013/2014 municipal year I will sit on the following committees:

  • Appeals
  • Economic, Environmental, Sustainability Overview & Scrutiny
  • Member Development Advisory Group
  • North Locality
  • Planning Committee
  • Swindon/Ocotal Link
  • Town Twinning Network

I believe in strong & compassionate conservatism; aside from local politics I am a keen follower of transport, defence, international aid & foreign affairs.

To contact me:

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