How Can We Help?

Councillors are elected to oversee the work of Swindon Borough Council, so are best able to help with matters such as:

  • Schools
  • Maintaining roads and pavements (including road adoption)
  • Youth work and adult education
  • Trading Standards and Consumer Protection
  • Libraries and Community Centres
  • Parks, Museums, Swimming Pools and Sports Centres
  • Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefits
  • Car Parks and Traffic Management
  • Social Work services for children, older people and people with disabilities
  • Housing (e.g. applications for housing, repairs, neighbourhood disputes)
  • Environmental Health (e.g. pest control, food safety, pollution)
  • Refuse Collection and Recycling
  • Council Tax

The Council also deals with matters such as licensing and planning applications, but please note that, in certain circumstances, councillors may not be able to discuss such matters because of the provisions of the Councillors’ Code of Conduct which is legally binding on them.

If your problem is not a Council responsibility – for example, if it is to do with things like:

  • the Health Service
  • Universities or Colleges
  • Social Security and Pensions
  • Immigration and Nationality
  • Gas and Electric Companies

…then it might be more appropriate to contact other elected representatives such as:

Even if your problem does concern the Council, it may often be worth contacting the relevant Council department or the Council Customer Services Team to see if staff can resolve this before you contact a Councillor. Contact numbers for Council departments, including numbers to call for emergency services after 5.00 p.m. and at weekends, are in the phone book or at

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